Immune Boost

HEALTH IMMUNE flu_girlOur alternative to the standard flu shot!

Heel of Germany has created two all-natural homeopathic injectable and oral remedies for influenza prevention called Engystol and Gripp Heel. When taken together, they form a powerful resistance to colds, flu and other viral diseases.

The ingredients are simple herbs in a very dilute form.  They stimulate the immune system to a state of high readiness to meet and defeat whatever strains may come along.

A very small needle is used to inject the herbs into a muscle. This can also be done orally for children. There are no known side-effects. This injection is also very beneficial anytime you feel your immune system needs a boost; Christmas time, travelling, guests coming to visit etc.Stock-Smile-03

This injection can be used in combination with the allopathic flu shot and does not interact with any other medications, herbs, prescriptions or vitamins.

Cost: $40

We also have other affordbale options for immune system boost including Deep Immune and Sterols and Sterolins capsules as well as two powerful homeopathic remedies we mix into one bottle for you for cold and flu prevention all year round! Ask us for details.