Leighann Christian

LeighannLeighann Christian has been working with Vital Victoria since May 2015 as a clinic assistant and is eager to learn more about you and how to assist you. She strives to maintain a safe and supportive space for our patients.

Leighann is a certified yoga instructor and Life Coach. As a yoga teacher with a background in therapeutic yoga, rather than solely focusing on the fitness side of it, she provides the restorative and healing components of yoga to her students – all the while educating them on anatomy to promote sustainable self-care. She has experience teaching many different types of yoga in private and public settings. It is important to her to make yoga available to people dealing with injuries, illnesses and conditions that we treat at our clinic, and educate students on how to incorporate the benefits of yoga in their daily lives and healing processes.

Having graduated with a degree in Psychology from The University of Victoria with a focus on Counseling Psychology, and with years of coaching experience with world-class companies, Leighann is a highly skilled Life Coach.

Leighann can assist you in booking appointments and general questions, and also welcomes any inquiries you have about how yoga and/or coaching can elevate your life.