Naturopathic Oncology: An Encyclopedic Guide For Patients & Physicians

Naturopathic Oncology (2011)

Dr. McKinney’s third edition to his book, Naturally There’s Hope: A Handbook for the Naturopathic Care of Cancer Patientsis here!
It is titled Naturopathic Oncology:An Encyclopedic Guide For Patients & Physicians
This book is updated with the rewards of clinical practice, study, research and reader feedback over the last several years. Patients and integrative physicians will find it easier to navigate, more complete, and of real service.

Dr. McKinney

has made this book significantly more user-friendly,  creating a greater balance between the technical medical information that doctors are looking for and the straightforward advice in simple terms that patients are looking for.
We have this wonderful book available in our clinic for $40.

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  • $5 elsewhere in canada
  • $10 to the United States

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