Order Products

You can go directly to our Online Store and order professional products now through Fullscript.com!

The items that we will continue to carry and are not available on Fullscript are: Mistletoe (Helixor), nebulizing medications, tinctures and homeopathics, Indole 3 Carbinol, Reishi Mushroom, Quercetin, Theracurmin 2x, Myco Plex, Gastrazyme, Modified Citrus Pectin (PectaSol C), Omega 3 Seal Oil, Artemesinin, Ferlow Botanical products, Dream Protein, Greens First and Psyllium Husks. 

To order these items please call us or email us. Everything else should be available on Fullscript.

If the product you need is not on our online store, please let us know by emailing us at drneilmckinney@shaw.ca