New Book On Naturopathic Cancer Care!

bookpromoDr. McKinney’s Third Edition of Naturopathic Oncology – An Encyclopedic Guide For Patients& Physicians is now in print and available in PDF format!    

The new edition of this very popular and practical guide to clinical success with cancer adds new therapies, new chapters, refinements of protocols, expanded references and the rewards of over two more years of clinical practice and scholarship.

Inspired by the courageous spirit of his friend, Terry Fox and personal healings. Informed by 30 years of practice and teaching Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Patients and integrative physicians will find it easier to navigate than the previous edition, more complete, and of real service.

Dr. McKinney has made this book significantly more user-friendly, creating a greater balance between the technical medical information that doctors are looking for and the straightforward advice in simple terms that patients are looking for.


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PDF (electronic) Version 

Previous publications

Please do NOT order the first or second editions online, such as from Amazon, unless you are ordering it as a collector. They are out of date as medical research advances substantially over time.

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