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 Welcome to Vital Victoria Naturopathic Clinic, the office of Dr. Neil McKinney, ND!

We treat a wide variety of conditions & concerns, for patients of all ages and use many diagnostic tools and therapies, both traditional and alternative.

Dr. Neil McKinney has been practicing since 1985. He has extensive experience in naturopathic medicine with a focus of practice in cancer care as well as a variety of other health concerns and ailments.

Dr. McKinney is a well known doctor, teacher, public speaker and author. 

His passion for treating cancer began… (read more)

Dr. McKinney with his wife, clinic manager and Reiki Master, Lynda McKinney


Monday & Wednesday 9-4pm

Tuesday & Thursday 9-12pm

The clinic will be closed February 18-21st 2019 for Professional Education. We will re-open February 25th 9am regular clinic hours.