First Appointment – General

Before Your First Appointment

  • Call us to book a one hour appointment.
  • Once your appointment is booked, please fill out our New Patient Form and send to
  • Ask your medical doctor for copies of all pertinent medical reports, scans and laboratory results.
  • Write down your questions for Dr. McKinney in order to utilize your first appointment most effectively.

During Your First Appointment

  • Bring any applicable medical reports, scans and laboratory results.  If you don’t have any or this doesn’t apply, that’s fine.
  • Dr.McKinney will carefully take your medical history and perform a traditional Chinese medicine examination of your fingernails, tongue and wrist pulses. Other physical examinations may be done.

What you will receive

An individualized program for your chief concerns, for general health care and for prevention of disease. This may include dietetics, supplements, herbs, Chinese medicines, acupuncture or injection therapies.

Recommendation for follow-up: usually a 15 – 30 minute office visit in two weeks, then a 15-minute visit one month later.