First Appointment – Oncology

Before Your First Appointment

  • Ask your medical doctor for copies of all pertinent medical reports, scans and laboratory results. If you cannot get all your reports in time for your first visit, that is OK, just try to get what you can.
  • Ask the BC Cancer Agency Medical Records to give you copies of your records, and request they fax us copies of all future reports, scans and labs (our fax number is 250-386-3500).
  • Write down your questions in order to utilize your first appointment most effectively.
  • Write down what medications you are currently taking; we will ask you for this information on our new patient intake form.

During Your First Appointment

  • Your doctor will carefully take your medical history and perform a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) examination of your fingernails, tongue and wrist pulses. Other physical examinations may be done.

You will receive

  • Specific support protocols to make surgery, radiation or chemotherapy safer and more effective.
  • An individualized program to control the growth of your cancer and fortify your system while you wait for your medical cancer treatment to begin, while you are between medical treatments, and after your medical treatment is complete.
  • Information on symptomatic care for problems that may arise during your medical and naturopathic cancer care; this may include palliative measures.
  • A copy of Dr. McKinney’s book, Naturopathic Oncology: An Encyclopedic Guide For Patients & Physicians.
  • Dietary instructions, including foods and supplements.

Recommendations for follow-up

  • Generally¬†a 30 minute office visit in two weeks. Your doctor will let you know when it’s best to come back.