Reiki (“Ray-Key”) is the laying on of hands in a traditional manner to direct healing energy to a specific part of the body, or the entire body.  Reiki is not a religion, cult, dogma, or specific doctrine.

Reiki will…

  • Alleviate Pain, accelerate physical healing
  • Promote deep emotional release, relaxation, and bring peace to agitated minds
  • Support allopathic and holistic healing
  • Allow space for spiritual connections
  • Balance the energy system in our bodies.

Reiki is compatible with all other modalities of healing, whether traditional or alternative.  It is non-invasive, safe and gentle for all ages.  During your treatment, all your clothes are left on (except shoes). Usually your whole body is treated, while you lay on your back on a treatment table.

Your Appointment

  • Your session will take 1.5 to 2 hours. The treatment itself is an hour, with time before and after to discuss your concerns and your session, if you wish
  • See Appointments and Rates for information on cost and booking

Our Reiki Practitioner

Lynda McKinneyLynda McKinney is an Usui Reiki Master practicing since 1984 and has studied with four Reiki masters. Among these masters she has found a personal fit with Frans Stiene, the founder of the International House of Reiki. His teachings are simple and a complete pathway to self growth and based in traditional Japanese methods.

Lynda teaches all levels of Reiki, including master level. Small classes are available by request. She facilitates personalized ceremonies including weddings, commitment and burning bowl.

Contact Lynda to discuss Reiki, or inquire about taking a class you can email her directly at

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