Mistletoe Therapy

mistletoeThe white-berry mistletoe has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times: internally for diseases of the spleen, gynecological disorders and seizures (epilepsy), externally for wounds and ulcers.

Mistletoe injections have been used in complementary cancer therapy since 1917 by the Dutch physican Dr. Ita Wegman. Over the years, as the special manufacturing process has developed further, efficiency has progressively increased.

Studies show that mistletoe therapy has a positive effect on the patient’s immune system and quality of life and can improve tolerance of standard therapies – such as chemotherapy – without decreasing their efficacy.

Mistletoe cancer therapy is appropriate for almost all tumor diseases as well as non-tumour cancers. You can start using mistletoe at any time – before or after surgery, as well as before, during, or after radiation, chemo-, hormonal, or antibody therapies.

You need a doctor for prescribing, initiating and monitoring your mistletoe therapy. The mistletoe extract is injected subcutaneously (under the skin). After briefing by your doctor or his staff, you can administer the mistletoe injection yourself, or ask a relative or caregiver to do it.