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Cancer Healing Diet including Cancer Care With Food by Dr. Neil McKinney, ND (read first!)

Cancer Healing Diet Recipes

Lowering Your PSA

Healing For Cancer – Plant Based Recipes (34 pages – feel free to add wild/organic poultry and fist to this menu if desired!)

GI Nutrition Package – 2019 (42 pages)


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IMG_2220 copyDr. McKinney’s daughter Talia, who worked with us at the key nutrition support for over 11 years has recently left our clinic and moved up-island. She still offers our patient’s Nutrition support via this Cancer Nutrition Package and privately through her own business, Food Buddha.

She now focuses on healing women’s relationship to food, weight & self-love so that they can stop struggling and be their healthiest self. For more about Talia and her story click here

She offers one-on-one mentor coaching, online materials, programs, and videos. For more about Talia’s offerings go to or find her on Facebook.