Talia Wright – Nutritional Consulting

2016-09-11-17-59-35-copy_origTalia works with our patients in the clinic helping them to navigate how they need to be eating and how to achieve the best health they can.

She helps you by demystifying dieting myths and lifestyles, wading through all the information to show you the true way to your best health and most effective healing.

Aside from working at Vital Victoria Naturopathic Clinic, she has an online client base, helping woman all over the world transform their relationship with food and their bodies.

She has a huge passion for helping woman get out of “diet mentality” into a free, clear and balanced lifestyle.

Talia knows her true calling and passion is helping woman gain confidence, clarity and power in their food choices. She works one on one with clients and also works in  group coaching programs.

To learn more about Talia, her story and coaching see her website at www.foodbuddha.ca