Cancer Care Nutrition Package (2020)

Dr. McKinney’s Cancer Nutrition Package – updated 2020.

Nutrition cannot be overlooked when you or a loved one is managing and healing cancer – it doesn’t have to be overly complicated but it is of utmost importance.

What you eat sets your body up for the best chance of healing and overall vitality while navigating your cancer journey.

This Cancer Care Nutrition Package is filled with information, recipes and guidelines on how to bring your body into a state of healing and wellbeing based on 35+ years of Dr. McKinney’s oncology research and clinical practice.

This package is aimed to make nutrition SIMPLE rather than another stressful thing to manage.

Within this package is a new article by Dr. McKinney’s called “Cancer Care With Food” which outlines exactly what to eat, what to avoid and what the ideal diet for cancer is.

In your appointment with Dr. McKinney he will advise that you get acquainted with his oncology nutrition protocol for maximum healing and wellbeing.

This package discusses all aspects of his nutrition guideline for oncology patients.












  • Cancer Care With Food by Dr. Neil McKinney, ND
  • Cancer Healing Diet: A complete guide for optimal health & healing

This package includes a complete overview of the cancer healing diet, foods to eat, foods to avoid, quick reference lists and “Beyond Food”, simple things you can do to enhance healing. Updated 2019.

  • Cancer Healing Diet Recipes: Recipes for everyday life

Recipes focused on the Cancer Healing Diet above. This package includes main meals, desserts, snacks, side dishes breakfasts and salad dressing recipes all based in the Cancer Healing Diet protocol to help your body increase nutrients that aid in healing.  Updated 2019.

  • Lowering Your PSAKey nutritional points for lowering your PSA
  • Healing For Cancer: Plant Based Recipes (34 pages)

This recipe collection contains plant-based recipes that support a healing and optimal health. Feel free to add chicken or fish to these recipes as they are flexible, versatile and use regular ingredients that are easy to find in grocery & health food stores.  Updated 2019.

  • Glycemic Index Nutrition Package: Your guide to understanding the glycemic index.

Eating low-sugar is essential to healing cancer and many other diseases and also a healthy way of eating to maintain health and wellbeing (42 pages).  Updated 2019.



Dr. McKinney’s daughter, Talia worked with us at the key nutrition support for over 11 years.

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